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Our Services (backup 6/7/18)

/Our Services (backup 6/7/18)
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Exterior Modifications

Exterior accessories can dress up your car or increase it’s safety. We offer a wide variety of exterior accessories and modifications including Exhaust, Suspension, Wheels and Tires, and Advanced Radar/Laser Systems from elite brands like AL Priority, Escort, Radenso, and K40. Our qualified staff can handle any size project for any vehicle from a one of a kind hot rod to a brand new Lamborghini. Your vehicle is safe with us. The modifications if any, meet and/or exceed the original manufacture’s standards so your vehicle can easily be returned to stock when you decide to sell it. Give us a call today and we can discuss the options available for your vehicle.

Radar Systems

If you own an exotic vehicle or you have a partial lead foot, then a K40, Escort, AL Priority or Radenso Radar system is a must. These systems are seamlessly integrated into your vehicle to alert and protect you against radar and laser. We only use the best products and installation practices that ensure many years of performance with minimal modification to your vehicle which can easily be returned to stock.



If you want to customize your vehicle, a lowering package can not only improve your performance but give you the look that you desire. From a basic spring/strut combination to a high performance air-ride system, we have you covered. We only use the best equipment manufactures that meet or exceed the OEM specifications for your vehicle.



Whether you’re looking for a performance upgrade or a very distinct sound from your exotic ride, we have a solution for you. Regardless if you drive a stock BMW or an exotic Lamborghini, we have a premium product to fit your needs and our installation technicians are some of the best in the industry.


Wheels and Tires

The most common way to set your vehicle apart from the crowd is a set of custom wheels and tires. With the available multi-piece wheel options and virtually any color combination, we can provide you with a solution to perfectly match your vehicle. We understand everything you need to know about the different offsets, the perfect tire size and ratings to give you the best vehicle performance.

Interior Modifications

The latest vehicles on the road are becoming more and more integrated. Most of the vehicles include a standard Bluetooth, iPhone/Android Connection and a display screen. While these features are enough for most, many customers want additional features such as integrating an iPad into the dash or adding a back-up safety device like a camera and/or sensors. One thing that 99% of manufactures don’t pay much attention to is the sound quality of the stereo system. You would think a $350K car would include an amazing stereo but it’s the opposite. They focus on other aspects and that’s where we come into play. We can upgrade and integrate into virtually any vehicle on the road and provide you the solutions that YOU want. Give us a call or stop by our shop. We can guide you on the right path and ensure you receive exactly what you’re looking for.


Audio Upgrade

From a basic speaker replacement to a complete overhaul, we have not only the specialty tools but years of experience to deliver sound quality excellence! While we work on your vehicle, we pay close attention to the aesthetics of your vehicle to deliver a seamless installation with very little to no modifications to the vehicle.



Most of the newer vehicles include the features that customers are looking for but when they don’t, the team at Automods looks for alternatives to deliver what the OEM manufacture forgot. From a basic radio to a custom iPad mounted in the dash, we can easily handle your needs.


Factory Integration

With the latest portable music craze and the available interfaces for most newer vehicles, we have the ability to integrate many options into your vehicle. Some of these include: Back-up Cameras, Parking Sensors, Connecting your phone to your factory radio, Driving Assist Systems, Radar Systems and many more. Give us a call and we can let you know what options are available for your vehicle.


Custom Fabrication

Our state of the art facility located in Sarasota, FL provides us with the necessary space and tools to deliver award winning custom one off parts for your vehicle. From a basic trim panel in a hot rod to custom molded radar brackets for your new vehicle, our team can handle the task. Be sure to visit our portfolio to see our amazing work!

Other Services and Solutions

At Automods in Sarasota, FL we offer many solutions that are not mentioned above. We are a world class automotive customization facility that can do anything you can imagine. We also develop and manufacture our own products using our extensive experience and understanding of the outcomes our customers are looking for. At the moment, we have 40 products available and many under development that will be ready for production in the near future. Be sure to give us a call and let us guide you on the right path for your next project.

Marine Electronics

Our expertise is not just in land vehicles. We can provide the same level of quality and service for our local marine customers as well. Not many local shops can offer the end product that we deliver on a consistent basis. From a basic 19′ ski boat to a 100′ yacht, we can take care of your needs and meet the expectations you deserve.


Paint Protection

Protect your vehicle at highway speeds, any small flying object can easily become a permanent part of your car’s finish. Our paint protection packages not only protect against physical damage, but can protect the finish of your paint. Available for any and every vehicle on the road.


Skid Plates

Our custom skid plates are designed and manufactured right here in Sarasota, FL. Skid Plates are a great addition to your vehicle. Once installed, they will help to prevent damage to the bottom of your front bumper. The material is ¼” thick marine grade polymer plastic stabilized to resist saltwater, chemicals, and UV damage. The edge of the skid plates are beveled to match the angle of the bumper. Fitment is always guaranteed and there is absolutely no need for the front bumper to be removed during installation.


Back-up Cameras

Rear view cameras also let you see a wide field of vision you would otherwise not be able to see with conventional mirrors. We can even integrate a back-up camera into your factory LCD screen for seamless factory integration if your vehicle has one. And if it not equipped with a factory screen we have several solutions including a rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor.

Why Choose Us

      • We pride ourselves in customer service and quality installations.
      • Our state of the art facility can handle projects others wouldn’t attempt.
      • Our staff was recently awarded the Mobile Electronics Magazine’s Top 100 Installers award.
      • We have the sophisticated equipment to deliver excellence in every project.
      • We have worked on thousands of vehicles and majority of our customers are repeat clients.

What Client’s Say

Hands down the best auto accessories and workmanship on the planet. Tony gets it done right with every detail completed impeccably. Highly recommend Automods!
Liz Olson Arme, Facebook

Tony has the most cleanest and well organized repair shop I’ve ever been in! I was very impressed with his workmanship. Tony takes great pride in his work so if you want it done right the first time… See tony at AUTOMODS!
Janet Davis Peden, Facebook

Automods turns fantasy in to reality. Exceeded all of my expectations. Hands down one of the best in the business.
Derek Schiller, Facebook

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