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Sarasota Lamborghini Murcielago Stereo System Upgrade

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Sarasota Lamborghini Murcielago Stereo System Upgrade

One of our Sarasota-based clients came to AutoMods to upgrade his 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago stereo system. He was disappointed with the performance of the factory audio system. The client made it clear that he wanted amazing sound quality and realism. We designed a new sound system that would replace every audio component in the vehicle. The client liked our plan, so we scheduled an appointment to get started.

Source Unit and Signal Processor Installation

The client wanted a backup camera system installed to make parking the Murcielago easier. We took this into account when selecting a replacement radio. The simplest plan would be to install a Double-DIN source unit that could show the camera image. However, the exorbitant cost of the factory radio panel simply didn’t justify the expense. We chose a Single-DIN Pioneer DEH-80PRS source unit instead. The new radio fits nicely into the factory location.

The audio output from the Pioneer radio feeds an Audison bitTen signal processor. We created a mounting bracket for the processor out of ABS plastic. We mounted it on the right side of the center console. The new bracket uses factory mounting locations to ensure the processor is held in place securely.

Storage Compartment Amp Rack

We mounted a Focal FDP 600.4 amplifier on an ABS plastic plate on the floor of the front storage compartment. We were not content to leave this area looking bland, so we created a trim panel that highlights the amp. This gives the area some added style. We took cues from the styling of the Murcielago that includes pressed mesh grilles and raised vents on either side of the amp. Red vinyl and red LED strips give the panel a unique look.

Subwoofer Enclosure

The next step was to start construction of an enclosure for a JL Audio 12TW3 subwoofer. The sub enclosure is located behind the passenger seat and sits on a small shelf. The shallow mounting depth of the sub allows the seat to slide back and not interfere with its movement. We trimmed the face of the subwoofer in red vinyl, then added an additional black vinyl panel to match the seat upholstery.

Hertz Front Stage Speakers

Murcielago Stereo

Upgrading the front door speakers is a set of Hertz components.

The doors became home to a set of Hertz HSK 165 components. The factory speaker grilles on the doors looks great, but the trim behind it prevented the woofer from fitting properly. We machined a mounting lip for the grille insert to allow the new woofer to fit. The factory tweeter location was a perfect choice for the new Hertz tweeter. We milled a small trim ring for the tweeter that allowed it to perfectly fit in place. Silent Coat sound dampening material on the doors reduces noise in the vehicle and allows the new sound system to perform better.

Backup Camera System

Lamborghini’s always have a bad reputation for being difficult to park. This is because of a lack of rear visibility. To fix this, we installed a compact flush-mount camera on the trim panel just above the rear license plate. To display the camera image, we replaced the factory rear view mirror with a new unit that includes an LCD screen. The mirror also includes a compass and auto-dimming features. As soon as the client selects reverse, the camera image appears on the mirror.

Murcielago Stereo System Details and Tuning

All the wiring for the stereo system is protected with tesa cloth tape and split loom tubing. We took the time to secure all the wiring in place to ensure it would not cause any annoying vibrations or buzzes.

Once the system was up and running, we set the crossovers in the bitTen digital signal processor for the front speakers and the subwoofer. We used our calibrated microphone and RTA to smooth the frequency response at the listening position. The last step was to adjust the time-alignment to improve the focus of the front stage.

The client returned to AutoMods, excited to experience his new Murcielago stereo system. The detail, clarity and focus that the new sound system provides are precisely what he wanted! If the sound system in your exotic car needs an upgrade, drop by our store. You can also contact us using our online form.

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