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“In every industry there is one business or brand that simply sets itself apart. AutoMods is peerless when it comes to the innovative meticulous craftsmanship that is put into every job.”

The finishing touches and attention to detail in my Jag is the difference that sets it apart from all the others on the road. When it was time to trade for another E Class Mercedes the detail in our outgoing car was so transformational that we literally had family members think it was the new one. Auto mods is in a different class and stands alone when it comes to car care. Tony is the very best I have ever worked with and is just as much of a pleasure to work with as he is talented at what he does. Working with Automods gives you the feeling and results of knowing what others do not. If you live within an hour of the Sarasota area give or take it is absolutely worth investing into a relationship. When you see the difference you will NEVER feel satisfied with car care provided by another source. I literally got an extra $4k for my BMW 750li after Tony spent a day with it. If you ever wondered where the Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, and Bentley and Rolls people go…. Now you know.

Jim H.

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That is the word that best describes Automods. Incredible customer service and their attention to detail is what sets them apart from other competitors. I cannot thank them enough for the great work they did on my Maserati QP!! I will be back for sure!!!

Nicholas D.

5-Star Facebook Review

“True High End Audiophile Sound Quality”

It has been an answer to a prayer getting my suv serviced at Automods in Sarasota, FL. After changing out radios, amplifiers, speakers, processors, sound treatment and service from other local installers and still being very dissatisfied, I was at my wits end trying to get my vehicle to achieve the true high end audiophile sound quality I knew was possible. Many shops can become retailers for high end equipment, but do not have the skills of professional sound engineering, and master tuning as Tony P. My vehicle sounds better than I thought was possible, and my standards are high. He fixed problems with gain, phase wiring, sound localization for 30 frequency bands of equalization via test tunes for each of the 6 active speakers, achieved superior timing and balance to the hundredths of a second, prevented clipping for all frequencies and volume levels via RTA real time analysis tuning. He fixed crossover frequencies, and adjusted them to my personal preference. He also used many other forms of test equipment at his disposal! The sound-stage is breathtaking, clear, warm, inviting, and definitely addicting! One would not even believe it was the same vehicle with the same speakers and amps as the sound was so vastly improved after Tony had worked on it. Yes, high end equipment can sound bad if it is not master tuned, and is the most important part of installation. He also installed the 12 inch gladen L1 pro subwoofer, beautifully molded to the shape to the back of the vehicle which is removable if necessary (wow, but love it so much no way). I had been hesitant about larger subs, but with it mixed, tuned and custom installed so beautifully, I am a believer! Don’t waste money on the eight inch subs or oversized door woofers. It does not overtake my vehicle like a booming noise that you hear from other obtrusive mobster vehicles on the road! It adds a superb level of depth, width, breadth which immerses yourself, rounds out and completes the entire music signal. I listen to all kinds of music (rock, classical, jazz, pop, electronic, soul, and all nationalities). The sound does not lack for any genre or dynamic punch when needed either without dominating, or drowning out the front of the vehicle but blends perfectly. Tony not only achieved the sound that no one else in a three hour driving radius could achieve, but charged less than all the competition! He also was a pleasure getting to know as he is an excellent communicator, is not intimidating, is straightforward, non-evasive, and was never pushy about any decision that was needed for any recommendations given. He took his time getting to know my preferences, background and educated me about his testing process and every stage and option. Not only is he the best in his audiophile field in the industry of installation and tuning (which in itself is a rarity like finding a needle in a haystack and in itself is a great achievement), but he customizes any vehicle with other fabrication and talents. If it moves, or doesn’t, it is transformed after Tony touches it via car, suv, boat, classic car, golf cart, sports car, you name it and he loves doing it! It was a joy seeing some of the other amazing projects he was working on. Becky, also was warm, pleasant, and helpful and fixed an issue with my car radio account setting. This experience reminded me of the good ole days. It is so comforting to know that there is still a shop that gives the highest quality service and expertise in the world, with the friendliest down home personality and atmosphere, demonstrates the utmost in integrity, and has people you cant help but love. Thank you so much Tony and Becky for making my dream a reality, being an answer to a prayer. My long wait and struggles with car audio are over, and now I love my vehicle, but thank God most of all. Avoid wasted time and money with other installers. Instead be blessed, proceed with full confidence, peace of mind, and satisfaction and go to Automods. My cup runneth over, with many many thanks!!!

Meg E.

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“Let me just say what an AMAZING!!! product you have. The installation was great and was greatly surprised with the strength of the double sided tape. And finally, the look on the skip plate itself, from afar it looks like its not even there. Super happy we went with you guys, ten stars.”
– Jorge B.

“My name is Ray and I am a Ferrari Master Tech at Ferrari of Atlanta. I just installed the SF90 Skid Plates and wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. Easy to install and has a very clean look. I’ve installed many different brands of skid plates and these are the best by far. We are going to start offering these on all new delivery vehicles. Great product!” 
– Ray G.

post2 “Best auto shop I ever been to. Great service, great prices guaranteed.”
– James D.

post2 “Very pleasant experience. Waiting area is as comfortble as your living room. Fast and courteous. You couldn’t ask for better service.”
– Joy S.

5 star review “Hands down the best auto accessories and workmanship on the planet. Tony gets it done right with every detail completed impeccably. Highly recommend Automods!”
– Liz A.

post2 “By far the best custom work on the gulf coast!!!!!”
– Doug J.

5 star review “Unparalleled workmanship!! You name it they can do it!! Great service!”
– Bobby K.

5 star review “Best in the country with my car collection”
– Daniel L.

5 star review “Amazing attention to detail. I still can’t believe they are so close by. I wish I had found them sooner. Extremely friendly and a great problem solver.”
– Rod D.

5 star review “Very reasonably priced with expert knowledge and quickness. Couldn’t ask for better service. ”
– Michael M.

5 star review “Tony is absolutely, hands down the most meticulous and quality focused individual when it comes to car customization whether Radars, Stereos etc. His reputation precedes him and his craftsmanship is evident in every job he completes. I have referred Automods everything from BMW’s to Lamborghini’s to Rolls Royce’s and everything in between. Thank you for always making pushing the industry’s bar upward and for taking care of my clients and my needs! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
– Joseph S.

5 star review “I was looking for a quality custom audio shop in the Sarasota Florida area. I found that with Automods. I had the vision for my car and they made it a reality. I’m very pleased with Tony and Becky and the rest of the team. I’m extremely happy with the end results. It was spot on with what I had envisioned.”
– Marq I.

5 star review “Absolutely the best! You will not find anyone or any company more devoted ,creative and skilled to do your sound ,radar or mods.”
– Rob S.

5 star review “The installation of this system is second to none, the effort spent on the detail and custom workmanship, that this team provides is just amazing, if you require the best and peace of mind of knowing your car is in capable hands I assure you that you will not find better anywhere.
Thank You Tony & Becky & The team”
– Susana G.

5 star review “I brought my wife’s 2006 Corvette to have them look at the navigation that was 10 years old and the satellite radio. They recommended a new stereo and when I asked about speakers, they told me to wait until the new radio is installed to see if the speakers sound better. Boy were they right! The new radio (that I was leaning towards anyway to replace the factory one) made the speakers sound awesome! For a nominal fee, they also installed a backup camera, which is really helpful in a Corvette. They didn’t sell me more than I needed, did an excellent job with the installation, and were fast, professional, and helpful. Thank you AutoMods! Will definitely use them again and highly recommend them!”
– Paul S.

5 star review “I went to Automod to have ambient lighting installed in my vehicle. The work was completed flawlessly and professionally. My vehicle was by far the least expensive vehicle there, they work on six-figure vehicles, yet; it was handled with the same care as the exotic vehicles. I was also very impressed and thankful to get the car back as clean as it was when I dropped it off. Tony is not only a great technician; but, in my opinion, an artist. The work they can and do perform is world class and innovative. Becky works directly with the clients and is very knowledgeable, courteous and kind. You will not go wrong with this shop!”
– Eddie S.

5 star review “This is single handily the best shop in town. Tony (the shop owner) is not just an installer, but a true fabricator. HIs work is nothing short of amazing, a true perfectionist. He recently installed some electronics (dash cam, radar, curb alert, folding side mirrors, etc) in my work car and his attention to detail is at a level I’ve never experienced before. If you didn’t know he’d installed this equipment, you would have thought it came from the factory. Clearly this is the only shop I’m ever going to use again and I already have another project for him in the works.”
– Granny Nannies Sarasota

5 star review “What a great experience. Very professional while being extremely personable. Job well done, on time and reasonable price. I highly recommend.”
– Curtis J.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford

Ford Motor Company


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