C8 Corvette Concealed Radar/Laser Defense System

//C8 Corvette Concealed Radar/Laser Defense System
C8 Corvette Concealed Radar/Laser Defense System2024-01-30T21:58:42-04:00

Project Description

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to drive worry-free from speeding tickets? I’ll walk you through the concealed radar/laser system we completed on this C8 Corvette in this video.  At Automods, we use cutting edge technology with industry leading techniques to help us to create a seamless installations. All of the systems we install, get tested with multiple laser guns to make sure everything is performing properly. I know you might be wondering if this is legal and it is depending on your state. Radar detectors are only illegal in 2 states and laser jammers are illegal in 10 states in the USA. Feel free to reach out to us with questions.

Below is the equipment used:

AL Priority RX & TX Laser Jammers

Radenso RC M Radar



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