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Integrated Radar/Laser Systems

Automods specialize in Integrated Automotive Radar/Laser Defense Systems in Sarasota, FL. Offering products that have been tested in-house with law enforcement laser and radar guns guarantees absolute control over the final outcome. The brands that we carry are AL Priority, Radenso, and Escort. Our trained technicians can assist you during the entire process from designing your radar/laser system to understanding how to use it on a daily basis. We have integrated radar/laser systems on hundreds of vehicles. Our goal is to provide excellence in every aspect of your experience. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied throughout the entire process. If you are interested in a radar/laser system, contact Becky.

System Selection


The Ultimate Radar Detector and Laser Defense in One Display. Your days of compromise are over. We have packaged the highest-performing radar detector in the world, that can integrate with the most advanced laser defense in the world, all in one discreet display. No other ticket prevention system on the planet offers a remote, concealed radar detector, that integrates seamlessly with the AL Priority laser defense system, and provides a 2-year ticket-free guarantee
Wouldn’t it be nice to know what direction an alert is coming from? The RC M offers complete 360 degree radar protection. Front and rear arrows on the display inform you where the threat is being detected for radar and laser alerts. Knowing where a threat is coming from is just one more tool to aid in ticket prevention.
No one likes a radar detector that goes off without a real threat to being caught speeding. The Radenso RC M has multiple features that help provide you with less false alerts when driving. The GPS lockout feature helps minimize alerts for areas that go off repeatedly, such as when you drive past a supermarket or drug store with automatic doors, or stationary speed signs that display your speed. It also provides low speed GPS auto-muting so you don’t have to be alerted when you aren’t going above the speed limit. There is also technology to filter out false alerts from blind spot monitors and traffic sensors. All of these features offer you a quieter drive, and makes the alerts you do get more important.

Why Choose Us

Every custom installed radar/laser defense system is pre-tested with laser guns to find perfect placement. Once placement is found, a 3D scan is taken of the area to CAD design parts that will either be CNC machined, laser cut, or 3D printed to mount the components. This process allows us to mount radar/laser components without drilling any holes or making any type of permanent modifications. The vehicle can always be returned to stock without any signs that the system was there. Once the installation is complete, we always post test the AL Priority laser jammers with law enforcement laser guns and military grade night vision. The radar receivers are also tested to make sure they are functioning correctly. We normally appeal to clients from thousands of miles away seeking precision and expertise in radar/laser defense.

Professional Installation

Our trained technicians take pride in using high quality components and modern installation techniques. Every vehicle is meticulously protected during the installation process. Serviceability, is also a main factor when designing and installing each system. Added bumper plugs are in the proper locations for easy disassembly. All wires are wrapped in matching harness tape and run next to the factory wire harnesses. Excess wire during installation is removed for an oem result. Custom brackets are made to utilize factory hardware for seamless integration. For more information, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to discuss the options for your vehicle.

Radar/Laser Recent Projects

What Client’s Say

Tony and Becky are true professionals at a level of technical knowledge and skill that is way more than “installations.” Given their knowledge and experience, testing, analyzing and problem-solving skills, this is more like engineering. It’s not hard to see why Tony is one of the best in the country. They are fantastic people – honest, professional and straightforward. I would highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again. God bless you Tony and Becky!
Mark Alt, Google

Wow…..Just wow. Do you want your expectations exceeded? Do you want to be blown away by attention to detail and quality? How about work with not only exceptionally talented people but just plain honest great people? How about being treated fairly? They have set a new bar for me in all these areas that I sincerely doubt anyone is going to beat. Removal of old built in radar and jammer with upgrade to Alps and detector. Their work was absolutely perfect. My Porsche 997.2 GTS remains pristine….they understood exactly my desires without me having to articulate. Totally stealth. Totally clean. I loved their work and recommend them without any reservations. Unhesitating and completely.
**** Almost a year later….and mods are great. Had a question about wiring due to unrelated issue. They didn’t have to help but they did! A year later. What tremendous customer service.
Tate Scott, Google

I was completely blown away at the level of detail and professionalism at AutoMods. They went above and beyond to ensure all of the work looked original to the vehicle. Becky stayed in constant contact every step of the way and when the install was completed she walked me thru every aspect of the equipment. I cannot say enough good things about them!!
Tyler Petersen, Google

I spoke with several businesses before choosing AutoMods to perform my electronics install. The installation was done to perfection with no obvious signs of any modification. The quality of the work performed is top-notch and I will be using AutoMods for future projects. I highly recommend AutoMods.
Gary Bulinski, Google

The service and care at Automods with both Tony and Becky is second to none. I couldn’t be more happy with the professionalism, precision, care, and quality of their work and they will always be 5 star in my book! They are absolutely awesome!
Lynn Fassy, Google

Awesome job……Becky and Tony were able to perform many custom features no other shops were able to do. Everything looks OEM with their 3D printing. The radar detector Tony installed has already saved me a ticket! Highly recommend
Reuben Holland, Google

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