Tesla Model S Radar/Laser Defense System

//Tesla Model S Radar/Laser Defense System
Tesla Model S Radar/Laser Defense System2024-05-03T00:34:34-04:00

Project Description

Have you ever imagined the freedom of driving without worrying about of receiving speeding tickets? I’ll show you the stealth radar/laser defense system we installed on this Tesla Model S Plaid to do just that. I know you might be wondering if this is legal and it is depending on your state. Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia and Washington DC. Laser jammers are illegal in 12 states in the USA.

Every custom installed radar/laser defense system is pre-tested with laser guns to find perfect placement. Once placement is found, a 3D scan is taken of the area to CAD design parts that will either be CNC machined, laser cut, or 3D printed to mount the components. This process allows us to mount radar/laser components without drilling any holes or making any type of permanent modifications. The vehicle can always be returned to stock without any signs that the system was there. Once the installation is complete, we always post test the AL Priority laser jammers with law enforcement laser guns and military grade night vision. The radar receivers are also tested to make sure they are functioning correctly. We normally appeal to clients from thousands of miles away seeking precision and expertise in radar/laser defense.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions.


Below is the equipment used:

AL Priority Laser Jammers

Radenso RC M Radar





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