Ferrari 488 GTB Radar/Laser Defense System

//Ferrari 488 GTB Radar/Laser Defense System
Ferrari 488 GTB Radar/Laser Defense System2024-01-30T22:06:38-04:00

Project Description

This gorgeous Ferrari 488 GTB came in for a stealth Automods installation of an Escort 9500ci Platinum radar/laser system. This system gives you defense against radar and laser which are two methods of speed detection used by law enforcement. Since it is possible for speed to be detected from the front and rear of the vehicle it is necessary to mount 4 of these laser jammers to keep a laser gun from obtaining your speed.

Some vehicles do not have optimal mounting locations so we created front and rear laser jammer housings to properly level, align, and aesthetically blend them into the bumpers. The housings were painted using the same method the factory uses for the exterior paint. They were mounted in such a way that no permanent modifications were made.

An abs plastic part was fabricated to mount the controller in the center console that was finished by wrapping it in suede. A small smoked acrylic trim ring was machined that lights up red around the controller. We swapped the factory rear view mirror glass with a replacement piece for better visibility of the display. When the system is off there is no evidence of a display in the vehicle.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ferrari 488 GTB Escort Radar Install Video

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