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The Benefits of Custom-installed Radar Detectors

If you are looking for the best defense against police laser and radar guns, speed cameras, and radar-based work zone speed detection systems, then a custom-installed radar detector and laser countermeasure system is the only choice. This article compares the features and performance benefits of a portable radar detection system to one that we integrate [...]

Digital Signal Processors Take Your Audio System To The Next Level

Adjusting or modifying audio signals is nothing new. Analog signal processors have been around recording studios and live performances for decades. Everything from equalizers to crossovers and compressors were conceived back when vacuum tubes were popular. As technology advanced, the size, cost and complexity of signal processors decreased. Now, many car audio source units contain [...]

Sound Deadening: A Great Upgrade For Any Vehicle

If you have purchased a set of premium car audio speakers from a respected mobile electronics retailer in the past few years, then you should be familiar with the concept of sound deadening. If you aren’t familiar with this, or want to know more, then read on! We think you will find sound deadening [...]

The Importance Of Professional Mobile Electronics Installation

Photo courtesy of Prestige Car Audio And Marine Several aspects of the automotive industry have always been embraced by hobbyists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Being able to say that you created something with your own bare hands would make anyone feel proud. In the mobile electronics industry, carmakers have been rapidly advancing the technology used in [...]

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