Product Spotlight: Lamborghini Skid Plates

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Product Spotlight: Lamborghini Skid Plates

Automods in Sarasota, Florida, caters to a wide variety of customers. Many of our clients happen to own exotic cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini. We help them with audio upgrades, radar and laser defense systems, and much more. A while ago, we noticed that one of our clients had some scratches on the front lip of his Lamborghini. We offered to create a custom set of skid plates for him to protect the vehicle. We now offer skid plates for many different vehicles, but it all started with the Lamborghini.

Skid Plate Construction

Lamborghini Skid PlatesWe designed the skid plates to protect damaging the lower lip from parking blocks, speed bumps, potholes, steep roads and driveway inclines. The sacrificial plates will absorb damage and keep the paint finish looking like new. We machine the plates from the highest quality polymer plastic. The material is 1/4-inch thick, is fully UV stable, and will not corrode.

When we design a set of skid plates, we make every effort possible to use existing factory mounting locations. All the mounting hardware is stainless steel or aluminum, so corrosion is never a concern. Each mounting fastener location is pre-drilled and recessed to counter-sink and thereby extends the life of the installation hardware.

Cosmetic Integration

Lamborghini Skid PlatesWe design the skid plates to follow the leading edge of the bumper perfectly. We bevel the edge of the plate to minimize their presence once installed on the car. The front bumper remains on the vehicle for the entire installation process. Leaving the bumper on eliminates the chance of damage to the finish or misalignment. As you can see from the Huracan shown here, once we install the skid plates, they virtually disappear.

Lamborghini Skid Plates

If you own a Lamborghini, and are concerned about cosmetic damage to the painted visible edge of the front bumper or air dam, then our Lamborghini skid plates are a great solution. We guarantee that each set of plates is both designed and manufactured here in the USA. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation about protecting the front of your exotic, drop into Automods or contact us by e-mail by clicking on this LINK. If you simply need to purchase a set of plates, they are available at our online store.

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