Product Spotlight: Maserati Skid Plates

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Product Spotlight: Maserati Skid Plates

Maserati Skid PlatesHearing your front bumper scrape across the ground when you approach a steep driveway or road is a good way to bring a tear to a driver’s eye. We all know these nicks and scratches happen, but when they happen to an exotic car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati, it hurts a little bit more. Automods in Sarasota, Florida, feels your pain. Nobody wants to see white scratches on the front bumper of their car. To prevent this, we have developed our very own skid plates. Our skid plates cover many different applications, including the popular and stylish Maserati GranTurismo.

Custom-designed for a Perfect Fit

Maserati Skid PlatesWe tailor each and every skid plate system we design for each specific vehicle. Our Maserati skid plates fit under the left and right corners of that vehicle’s front bumper to provide a durable, yet consistent, surface that will protect your paint. We use a premium-quality UV-stable polymer plastic. This material will not fade in the sunlight and won’t corrode due to salt exposure. The skid plates are ¼-inch thick, and the front edges are beveled to provide a clean seam against the forward edge of the bumper.

Quality Hardware

We never remove the front bumper of your vehicle to mount the skid plates. Leaving the bumper on ensures the paint along the seams with the fenders is never disturbed, and all the wiring remains undisturbed as well. We use stainless steel or aluminum fasteners, and re-use factory mounting locations where possible to secure the skid plates in place. The skid plates have recessed mounting hardware locations to provide a clean and tidy look once installed, even when viewed from straight on or underneath.

Maserati Skid Plates Made in the USA

Maserati Skid PlatesAutomods proudly manufactures our skid plates right here in the United States to our exacting standards. We test and template each and every vehicle to ensure that the skid plates have a perfect and flawless finish with the bumper and with any panels or protrusions underneath the vehicle.

If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant, solution to protect the front bumper of your Maserati from scratches or scuffs, then drop in at Automods at 5624 Lawton Dr. Sarasota, FL.  You can also call us at 941-345-5990 or e-mail us by clicking HERE for more information about any of our products.  If you simply need to purchase a set of plates, they are available at our online store.

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