Sarasota Client Adds McLaren 570 S Radar & Laser System

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Sarasota Client Adds McLaren 570 S Radar & Laser System

The owner of this immaculate 2017 McLaren 570S contacted Automods to have a radar detection system installed. We met with the client to discuss her needs. After looking at the vehicle and understanding the client’s use of it, we developed a plan to install a K40 RL360i Radar system with four laser defusers. We proposed a unique method for the installation of the interior alert LEDs. With the client’s approval, we scheduled an appointment to begin this McLaren 570 S Radar project.

LED Indicators

The K40 RL360i Radar detector system includes a pair of blue LED’s to alert the driver when the system detects front or rear radar or laser speed measurement. Rather than just drilling holes in the dash and mounting the LED’s, we removed the instrument cluster pod for something unique. We fabricated acrylic plastic inserts for the left and right sides of the cluster trim piece. We shaped these pieces to accent McLaren’s chosen cosmetics. The blue LEDs now light up the little pods when activated. The result is a look that integrates well with the interior of the vehicle. The left LED alerts the driver for warnings from the front of the vehicle and the right LED illuminates for rear detection.

Laser Defuser Installation

One of our trademark services here at Automods is our installation of laser defusers in custom pods. For the McLaren, we made ABS plastic mounting brackets for the pair of front defusers. Once we had the units perfectly aligned on both the horizontal and vertical planes, we build sides and a bottom for each pod. To facilitate final finishing, we remove the pods and primed and sanded them to ensure they have a perfectly smooth surface.

We treated the rear defusers to a similar installation process. The rear bumper is not aggressively curved like the front, but we still made sure both sensors are aligned perfectly for maximum performance. The pod construction process is similar to the front bumper’s, but required more work to ensure they fit perfectly flush to the bumper. We installed a laser defuser on either side of the license plate for maximum coverage.

With the pods complete, we sent them out for paint. Our painter can match the factory metallic paint color perfectly and has a dedicated paint booth to ensure a flawless finish every time.

Upon their return, we mounted the pods to the vehicle without any modifications to the vehicle. We routed all wiring through small holes in the license plate light lenses. We can replace the lenses quickly and easily if the client ever needs to remove the system.

Radar Components

McLaren 570 S Radar

The bracket for the radar receiver was constructed out of ABS plastic for a long lifespan.

We mounted the front and rear radar receivers to ABS plastic plates that attach to the vehicle using existing fasteners. The radar receivers can pick up signals right through the front and rear bumper covers without any problem.

We mounted the control module for the system in the same fashion: creating an ABS plate that secures to existing hardware. We soldered wire connections and protected them with premium heat-shrink tubing. Soldered connections will not vibrate apart and offer excellent electrical conductivity. We wrap all the wiring with Tesa cloth tape to protect it and ensure that it will not buzz or vibrate when the vehicle is in motion. We labeled all connection points at the front and rear of the vehicle in the event the McLaren dealer needs to remove the bumpers for service or repairs. Maintaining a factory-perfect experience is a top priority for us.

Overall, it took about a week to complete the entire installation, but the results were well worth it.

McLaren 570 S Radar Project Delivery

The client returned to Automods in Sarasota, FL, to pick up her 570 S. She was very impressed with the fit and finish of the laser defuser mounts. The custom LED indicator pods in the interior of the vehicle put a smile on her face. We showed the client how to use the system with the included remote control and explained the function of the two dash indicators.

If you are interested in a radar detection and laser defuser system for your vehicle, we invite you to visit Automods or contact us HERE for more information. We would be more than happy to serve you.

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