Naples Client Come to AutoMods for Porsche 911 Turbo Radar

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Naples Client Come to AutoMods for Porsche 911 Turbo Radar

A client from Naples contacted AutoMods in Sarasota after researching the best place for a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo radar detector and laser protection system installation. The client had done a lot of research and wanted to use the Stinger VIP radar and laser system. We invited him to our store for a consultation, took several measurements, and discussed where and how we could mount the control screen, laser receivers and fiber optic laser transmitters. Once we finalized the plan, we booked an appointment to perform the installation.

Laser HD Detection and Countermeasure System

The majority of laser defense systems we install have the laser receivers and transmitters paired together in a single housing. The Stinger Laser HD system is a little different. The system includes small receiver modules incorporated into square aluminum tubes. Separate fiber optic eyes handle the laser countermeasure signal transmission. These transmitters gave us the opportunity to be creative with where we mount them.

Our installation on the front of the vehicle comprised three custom-machined mounting pods. After mocking up the sensors to ensure their vertical and horizontal alignment was perfect, we started fabrication of three custom mounting pods. The Laser HD system includes three sensors and transmitters for the front, so we designed a pod for each of the air vents in the front bumper and one for the center. We milled several pieces of ABS plastic for each transmitter and receiver pod, then bonded them together before moving to the finishing stage. Once the finish was perfect, we painted each pod with high-quality flat black paint to match the rest of the grille opening.

Rear Laser Receiver and Transmitter Installation

The rear of the 911 presented a few more challenges. We removed the reflectors from the outside edges of the rear bumper and meticulously carved openings for the laser receivers and transmitters. We bonded the Stinger hardware in place and opened up space behind lenses to allow everything to fit.

Due to the depth of the receivers, we would have had to drill a large hole in the bumper for the center receiver. The client agreed to forgo installation of the center receiver. We modified the factory rear-vision camera bracket to house the sixth laser transmitter.

Stinger VIP Display Installation

The Stinger system uses a touchscreen panel for system alerts and configuration. We suggested that integrating the display into the overhead dome light console would look great and make it easy to use, so we removed the console and built up ABS brackets to form a pod around the control screen. The VIP control incorporates a push button with the right side of the factory housing. To actuate this button, we added a tapered pin to the right side of our new pod. When the client presses the pin, it activates the button to access the main menu.

Once we bonded our new pod to the overhead console, we filled all the mating surfaces with body filler and smoothed them for a factory look. A few coats of SEM vinyl and plastic dye give the panel a factory appearance.

Final Component Installation

After all the fabrication was finished, we started with installation of the remainder of the system components. The VIP system includes dedicated front and rear HD radar detector antennae. We mounted the antennae behind the front and rear bumper covers. The VIP computer, laser center and the system speaker are mounted securely in the dash.

The last piece to install was the GPS antenna at the top of the dash. All of our electrical connections are always soldered and then protected with heat shrink tubing and Tesa cloth tape. We route the wiring with factory harnesses and secure it so it cannot be damaged.

Stinger Porsche 911 Turbo Radar System Delivery

Porsche 911 Turbo Radar

The completed car was now much safer thanks to the warning system.

The client returned to AutoMods to pick up his car once the system was installed and tested. He loved the way we integrated everything into the bumpers and the dome light.

If you are looking for a radar detection and laser countermeasure system for your car, truck or SUV, then drop by our store, call us at 941-345-5990 or send us an e-mail using our online contact FORM.

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