Sarasota Client Gets Ferrari 488 GTB Custom Radar System

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Sarasota Client Gets Ferrari 488 GTB Custom Radar System

A client from here in Sarasota, FL, contacted us here at Automods to have a radar and laser shifter system installed in his 2017 Ferrari 488 GTB. Since we have done work for this client before, he contacted us shortly after picking up this gorgeous red Berlinetta. Having worked on similar vehicles, we were able to give him a good idea of where and how we could install the control panel and display, and we knew what it would take to complete the project. With his approval of our proposal, we scheduled an appointment to begin fabrication for this Ferrari 488 GTB custom radar project.

Front Laser and Radar Mounts

Laser speed detection works well for law enforcement agencies at long distances because a laser gun projects a very narrow beam. The Escort 9500CI Platinum system we installed for this customer includes four Laser Shifter Pro units. The key to the performance of these laser shifters is to ensure they are aimed forward and as level with the ground as possible. The nose of the Ferrari has a clear curve to it, so we started with fabricating two mounting pods for the laser shifters.

Once we establish the shifter position, we work backward in the construction of the pods. We enclose the shifter with carefully contoured ABS plastic pieces so the pods blend perfectly into the vehicle. Once the rough fabrication is complete, we begin the process of finishing the pods to a perfectly smooth finish. The final step in the fabrication is a coat of matte paint to blend the pods into the front grille area.

We mount the radar receiver using a custom-fabricated ABS bracket. The radar receiver bolts to the bracket, which in turn mounts to the vehicle using existing fasteners. We design our radar systems in such a way that we do not make any new holes in the vehicle. If someone has to remove the system, there will be no trace of the installation.

Rear Laser Shifter Mounting Pods

For the rear laser shifters, we use a technique similar to that for the front shifters. In this case, cosmetic integration took higher precedence since the shifters are more visible against the amazing Ferrari Rosso paint. We located the shifter on either side of the license plate under the lip of the rear bumper. The rear shifter mount is a single piece that extends between both shifters to ensure perfect alignment. We work the component to the same exacting standards for finish and integration as the front mounting pods before sending them out to be painted to match the vehicle perfectly.

Control and Display Installation

We fabricated an ABS mount for the system control in the center console. We included an acrylic ring around the control panel and backlit it with red LEDs to add a little extra style to the installation.

For the system display, we suggested the rearview mirror would place it perfectly in the driver’s peripheral vision. Ferrari goes a little overboard with the silver on their mirrors, so we ordered new mirror glass that was cut perfectly to match the original. We mounted the display behind the new glass. When the system is on, the display is easy to see. When the system is off, the display disappears completely.

Ferrari 488 GTB Custom Radar Wiring

We fabricated an ABS mounting plate for the Escort Interface and Bridgebox. Again, we mount to the vehicle using only existing fastener locations. We solder all of our electrical connections for maximum performance and reliability. We then protect the wiring with heat-shrink tubing, split-loom tubing and Tesa tape to make it blend in with the factory harnessing. Service connections for the front radar and laser components are at the same point as the front wiring harness, in the event the Ferrari dealership needs to remove the front bumper for any reason.

As you can see in the photos, we take every precaution with our clients’ vehicles. We protect the paint with shipping film and use low-tack 3M painter’s tape on hard edges for extra durability to ensure no damage can occur.

If you are interested in a custom radar and laser protection system for your exotic or luxury vehicle, call Automods at 941-345-5990 or e-mail us by clicking HERE.

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