Product Spotlight: McLaren Skid Plates

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Product Spotlight: McLaren Skid Plates

Do you wish there was a way to enjoy your exotic car without the fear of chips, scratches and dents? Automods in Sarasota, Florida, offers a solution to the protection puzzle with our McLaren Skid Plates.

The front bumper of a 570S is only a few inches off the ground. Potholes, parking blocks, curbs, speed bumps and steep inclines are all gunning to take off a few strips of paint when you least expect it. Our skid plates help protect your vehicle from costly repairs.

American-Designed and Manufactured

McLaren Skid PlatesWe fabricate each skid plate set ourselves from high-quality polymer plastic. The polymer material we use is impervious to corrosion and will not fade, chalk, crack or discolor with extended UV exposure. We design each skid plate system, then test-fit them on multiple vehicles to ensure fitment is flawless.

The forward edge of one of our 1/4-inch-thick skid plates is beveled to maintain the look and aerodynamic functionality of the vehicle. Once installed, our skid plate kit is barely detectable, but the value is indispensable.

Installation Considerations

McLaren Skid PlatesOur skid plates feature machine-drilled and recessed hardware mounting locations. Wherever possible, we re-use factory hardware locations. Our goal is to protect and maintain the condition of your vehicle. We never remove the front bumper from the vehicle to install our skid plate kits. All body panel, fender and bumper alignment remains perfect, and we never have to disconnect any electrical or plumbing connections.

We use only stainless steel or aluminum mounting hardware to ensure long-term stability and reliability, even in areas near the ocean with high saltwater-exposure levels

An Ounce of Prevention

Imagine the cost of having to repaint the front bumper of your McLaren? Our premium polymer skid plates are there to take the damage without exposing you to thousands of dollars in repair costs and lost time. If you are looking for a way to protect your McLaren, Maserati, Lamborghini or Ferrari, then we invite you to visit Automods at 5624 Lawton Drive. You are also welcome to send us an e-mail using our contact form for more information about our products and services. If you simply need to purchase a set of plates, they are available at our online store.

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